After the ice and snow has taken its toll on our properties, I bet we are all noticing potholes popping up left and right? If the answer is yes, then allow us to share with you why and how we can help make it better. 

The Freeze-Thaw Effect

The freeze-thaw effect can produce a nasty result in our concrete and asphalt surfaces. It begins with just a small crack in the existing surface and turns into those annoying potholes that everyone faces on a daily basis. 

The freeze-thaw effect happens when water gets into cracks on our properties and then freezes causing the water to expand. When the ice melts it causes the water to contract which then makes those nasty cracks even worse.

After the freeze-thaw effect takes its toll and with the help of constant traffic on your property, pieces of the asphalt or concrete begin to pop out. This creates the potholes that we all know and love…umm I mean hate.

Risk and Curb Appeal

When potholes form on our properties they immediately serve as a risk to all who enter our place of business and our residences. 

Potholes have been known to cause serious damage due to people experiencing injuries and even detracts from people wanting to enter our parking lots. 

As for vehicles, when the potholes are big enough, they can cause serious unwarranted damage to our vehicles that can leave us with some hefty repairs. 

If not repaired, these potholes will continue growing in size and numbers. The freeze-thaw effect will run its course all winter long only causing more damage to our concrete and asphalt surfaces. 

While this all sounds scary, we have the solution to help, but until then please place a cone or caution tape to manage the risk that is present on our properties. 

Fight Back!

It’s time to fight back against these nasty potholes and manage the risk while improving the curb appeal throughout the rest of the winter season…wait I bet you are thinking “how do we do that?”

Give us a call at 615-238-5909 or head over to our website, and you can schedule a property assessment and get you on your way to filling those atrocious potholes and make sure that your property is not only looking great but is safe for all to visit. 

Now servicing Gallatin, TN! If you are in Gallatin and need help fighting nasty potholes, get in touch with us for help!

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