February is here which means that all the heart shaped candies and flower bouquets are taking over…but is that a bad thing? Valentine’s Day brings with it, the connotation of hearts, chocolates galore and most importantly love. Love is a powerful word but the action in that word is what can be life changing. For us here at The Milliken Corporation, the word love is more than a word.. It is the action that comes to mind when we think about serving our customers.

We absolutely LOVE serving our customers with excellence and cannot get enough of it. We also LOVE our team here, which is why some of them want to share what they love about working here at The Milliken Corporation. 

Service + Love = Success

Everyday we get up with a fire and purpose to serve our customers. We know that when we treat our customers with love, respect and honesty it is a recipe for success. Here are some things we love to do when serving our customers with excellence. 

  • Walk the customer through every step of the process.
  • We love to provide our customers with excellent concrete, asphalt, grading and drainage service, guaranteeing that our customers are raving fans with our service. 
  • We love to do occasional giveaways on our social media to give back to our customers.
  • We love rewarding people who send us referrals with gift cards.
  • We love hearing stories and reviews from our customers and following up with how they love and engage with our Milliken services.

What We Love About Milliken

While working here at The Milliken Corporation, we realize there are so many things to love about this company. For some of us it’s the opportunity to step into a family and be a part of something that is much more than just a concrete, asphalt, grading and drainage company.

 For others it is being able to wake up and provide outstanding customer service no matter the circumstances. While I could go on with this list, who better to say it than some of the team members at Milliken themselves!

Stephanie Whited, the Marketing Team Specialist with the Milliken team, said “I love working with Milliken because it is so much more than a concrete, asphalt, grading and drainage company. I get to work alongside people who I truly enjoy being around and bring their best selves to work everyday. We believe in what we do and it allows us to grow and be better daily!”

Brooke Perry, the Customer Finance Specialist with the Milliken team, said “I love working at The Milliken Corporation because of how my coworkers are more than coworkers, we are one big family! I love that no matter how stressful of a day someone is having, we have a whole team who is willing to lend you hand and even send you encouraging words to get you through those tough days or even weeks” 

Jennifer Anderson, our Customer Service Specialist, said “I love the people, it is rare to be surrounded by individuals that truly want to see everyone be their best self. I love the integrity of every single member of the team. Mistakes are bound to happen, but the response time to even the smallest hiccups across all lanes of this team is refreshing. Everyone is always ready to help in any way possible at any time. It is truly a pleasure to serve alongside these people.”

Trenton Milliken, a Customer Relations Specialist on the Milliken team, said “I love Milliken because it is family oriented, everyone is treated as an exclusive member of our team. I also love Milliken because of the quality we provide. If something is not right we are going to fix it, no questions asked, and our customers are not wondering where Milliken is because they are informed about every step from start to finish.”


The Lesson of Love

As we continue to provide excellent concrete, asphalt, grading and drainage service to our customers, even during these winter months, we strive to continue spreading love and respect in and outside of this company! We want to challenge everyone we come into contact with to be a better version of themselves today than they were yesterday. We know that when greeted with love, it makes ourselves and our community a better place. So with that knowledge, go and spread love to those closest to you and even the stranger you pass in the store….yes i know it can be awkward, but when we spread love and generosity we all become the best versions of ourselves.

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