It is no secret that the trades industry is facing an alarming shortage of skilled workers. While many other professional areas are facing layoffs due to the advancement of technology and the increased use of AI, skilled trades professionals are very much still in high demand. The fact that more than half of current trades professionals are estimated to retire in the next 10-15 years makes young professionals even more needed.

There are incredible benefits to choosing a career in the trades industry that many people are not aware of.

Ease and Speed of Entering A Field 

Training programs for many trades jobs can take less than two years to complete, and many programs can be finished in less than six months. Additionally, trade schools and certification programs generally cost students significantly less than colleges charge for a degree. On average, tradespeople can start full-time work up to three years faster than those attending a four-year college program.

Competitive Salaries and Low Debt

Two of the most prominent reasons many people choose to enter the world of trades are the competitive salaries and the lack of debt it takes to pursue these career paths. Being able to enter numerous fields relatively quickly compared to the time it takes to earn a college degree, many people find the fast earning potential appealing. Unlike traditional four-year degrees, trade programs generally take significantly less time to complete, and people can start earning money faster as opposed to racking up college debt while they wait to earn. 

As a bonus, because so many skilled trades professionals are needed urgently, companies are able to offer attractive compensation plans and benefit packages. 


A Rewarding Profession

Various statistics and surveys show that a high percentage of people who choose a career in trades find genuine fulfillment in their work. Many people find it gratifying to do tangible work with their own two hands. Skilled trades are particularly popular among hands-on learners and those who enjoy problem-solving. In many cases, some benefits of choosing a career in the trades is the ongoing learning, advancement opportunities, and extensive personal development.

In many cases, careers in the trades industry allow for a satisfying work-life balance. Another benefit of choosing a career path in the trades industry is the benefit packages that many companies offer. Those may include medical insurance, paid time off, overtime, and retirement plans. 

Job Security 

Job and financial security are two of the many benefits of choosing a career in the trades industry. While many jobs are currently being threatened by the increased use of technology and AI, those in skilled trades have more future security. Tradespeople have skills that are currently difficult, impossible, or too costly to outsource or automate, creating job security for the foreseeable future. 

While there are many benefits of choosing a career in trades, there is still an alarming shortage of skilled workers in many of the industry’s fields. When considering income, happiness, and security, a career in trades should be considered by recent high school graduates or people looking for a life change.

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